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Wanted: Art Editor and Drama Editor

Senior Art Editor Senior Drama Editor

Want to help shape the Art or Drama section of Hunter's only literary and arts magazine? The OTR is looking for a new Senior Art Editor and a new Senior Drama Editor. 

Duties Include:
Encouraging your fellow students to submit their work. Come up with outreach strategies, help make flyers, talk to professors, and even visit workshop classes.Leading the final editorial meeting. You and the associate section editors will decide democratically which pieces are accepted into the magazine.Being responsible for the overall quality of your section.A job with the OTR may not be easy, but it can be extremely rewarding for both your craft and your career. 
If you think this is something for you, email us at Say a little about yourself, why you're interested in the position, and what you would do to raise submissions and improve the quality of your section. We will talk with all interested students. Then, the senior staff…

Spring 2013

Happy Spring 2013, folks. We've got plenty of stuff planned for the coming semester, so let's make it great! OTR Issue 52 will be back from the printer in just a few weeks, with 144 beautiful, full-color pages of student brilliance. Tune in here for info about the upcoming launch party, which will be announced soon.

Also, a new semester means a new contact list. A new section, drama, has been added to the magazine so everyone please fill out the new Spring 2013 contact list so we can get back in touch. I'll be sending out an email too saying this as well. Everyone please fill out the new form, even if you signed up for the last one. And feel free to come by to our office at TH212 at any time.

Writing Sessions will also be starting up again soon, probably next week. Indicate on the contact form if you're interested.

New: Instead of themed Contests, everything you submit this semester is now eligible for our Writing and Art awards. We will be giving $50 Gift Cards to the …

The 4th Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide by Sean Graney

Come support fellow OTR members in Hunter Theatre Company's winter play, "The 4th Graders Present an Unnamed Love-Suicide" by Sean Graney.

From HTC's Facebook Event page:
When 4th grader Johnny shoots himself, he leaves behind a play as a suicide note that the kids in his class are forced to perform as a memorial. As friends and bullies assume the roles of Johnny and his classmates, a heartbreaking, darkly curious story emerges, offering a glimpse into the motivation behind Johnny's actions.
Come join us as we celebrate Johnny's life, and mourn his passing.
Featuring: David DeLeon, Lou Gaudio, Sam Herrera, Cailen Jimenez, Esther Ko, Anna Moscovic, and Sajda Waite.
Directed by Josh Marmer and Jonathan Harper Schlieman.
Original music by Joe Salem
Production Stage Manager: Lexi Qullien.
Associate Prop Master: Zoey Russo
Produced by Zoey Russo and the Hunter Theatre Company.
Performances run January 24-27: Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8pm. Matinees Saturday and Sun…