Jan 29, 2013

Wanted: Art Editor and Drama Editor


Senior Art Editor
Senior Drama Editor

Want to help shape the Art or Drama section of Hunter's only literary and arts magazine? The OTR is looking for a new Senior Art Editor and a new Senior Drama Editor. 

Duties Include:
  • Encouraging your fellow students to submit their work. Come up with outreach strategies, help make flyers, talk to professors, and even visit workshop classes.
  • Leading the final editorial meeting. You and the associate section editors will decide democratically which pieces are accepted into the magazine.
  • Being responsible for the overall quality of your section.
A job with the OTR may not be easy, but it can be extremely rewarding for both your craft and your career. 

If you think this is something for you, email us at olivetreereview@gmail.com. Say a little about yourself, why you're interested in the position, and what you would do to raise submissions and improve the quality of your section. We will talk with all interested students. Then, the senior staff will vote on the new position.