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OTR Open Mic Spring 13: Utopia

Wednesday, April 10 from 7-11pm in TH105: The Olivetree Review's Spring 2013 Open Mic. Theme: Utopia. Come share your talent, your writing, your voice, your music, your comedy, your whatever, as we invoke the fabled (and fictional) Utopias of old. Join us. JOIN US.

From Plato to Thomas Moore to Orwell to Gene Roddenberry, creative minds have wrestled with the hope (and fear) of a perfect society, and all the attendant delights and problems. So come join in the brother/sisterhood of man/woman, grab some free food and drinks provided for you by your benevolent leader, and get on the stage to express yourself!

As always, performances and readings do not need to follow the theme. Feel free to dress up. Non-hunter students are welcome to join too, just check in at the front desk of the West building.

This year, the OTR will be doing its best for humanity by holding a book drive with betterworldbooks for global literacy. Come donate used books --- textbooks, workbooks, books for class, boo…