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William S. Burroughs "The Bunker"

William S. Burroughs had what is known as "The Bunker," a place of reflection into the depths of the humanity. What's your creative space like? Do you like to work in darkness? Do you like to have a view of the the world outside or do you prefer to be isolated? 

Set in William S. Burrough's New York City apartment, the Bunker, this experimental film mixes images  and audio of the nuclear holocaust from Hiroshima, Burroughs, and real confessions.   Film by Ram Devineni

LIFE goes to ‘Genius School,’ 1948

Photographer's and people who love capturing life at its candid moments, check out Nina Leen's photography of Hunter College and its little geniuses in the 1940s. 

Seven decades ago, the city housed just a "genius venture" at Hunter College ! Creating a school filled filled with 450 apparently well-adjusted, engaged kids who just happened to enjoy IQs averaging around 150 (Post-graduate students, by comparison, generally fall in the 120-130 range), it allowed these students to flourish in an environment where they would not stagnate being forced to follow the curriculum of average.

Read more: Genius School: Portraits of Gifted Kids in 1940s New York | LIFE.com

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Vonnegut's Eight Rules of Writing

Familiar with Kurt Vonnegut's eight rules of writing? In a world of lists and continuous quizzes, it's a reminder that we have our own process of writing and creativity - Vonnegut included. 

Feel free to construct a story using your own gust of creativity and bringing them to some of our last weekly prose workshops (this semester) with our prose editor Rachel, located in TH212 on Tuesdays, from 1:00-2:30!

Olivetree Contests

Poetry Contest : The Poem as a Movie Camera

The movie is one of the most modern art forms and poetry one of the most ancient. Combine these two media in a poem that shifts through images like a movie camera. When we see the outside of a building in a film and are then shown someone in a room, we have an understanding that the room is contained within the building. Connect images through implicit logic rather than explicit narrative. 
Or you can just write about movies, but what's the fun in that?

Drama Contest : "Ugly" and "Pure"
Write a scene wherein the "ugliest" character you can conceive of interacts with the "purest" character you can conceive of. Adjust the following terms to your own definitions. 

Art Contest : Music and Rhythm

Submit a visual art piece in which a strong sense of musical movement or rhythmic motion is conveyed.

Prose Contest : Second Person Perspective

When using second person narrative, the reader is placed as the focal poin…

An Apology from the Editor : Errata for "Issue 55, Spring 2014"

To all concerned, all involved in the Olivetree:

At the Olivetree Review, we pride ourselves in not just putting out a magazine showcasing Hunter students' hard work each semester, but also ensuring that our magazine meets and surpasses the expectations of a professional college literary and arts journal. From the moment we have pieces of art or writing submitted to us to when our design manager is putting the finishing touches on the magazines digital files, we do our best to respect both the author/artist and their work at every step of the way. 
Unfortunately mistakes are made from time to time, and this past semester saw a number of mistakes sneak their way past us and into the final edition of The Olivetree Review Issue 55. I would like to sincerely apologize to the artists and writers whose names or pieces may have been improperly printed in Issue 55, and promise to you that no mistake was made with intentional malice or to decrease the integrity of your work.

Below will be…