Nov 6, 2014

Olivetree Contests

Poetry ContestThe Poem as a Movie Camera

The movie is one of the most modern art forms and poetry one of the most ancient. Combine these two media in a poem that shifts through images like a movie camera. When we see the outside of a building in a film and are then shown someone in a room, we have an understanding that the room is contained within the building. Connect images through implicit logic rather than explicit narrative. 

Or you can just write about movies, but what's the fun in that?

Drama Contest : "Ugly" and "Pure"

Write a scene wherein the "ugliest" character you can conceive of interacts with the "purest" character you can conceive of. Adjust the following terms to your own definitions. 

Art Contest : Music and Rhythm

Submit a visual art piece in which a strong sense of musical movement or rhythmic motion is conveyed.

Prose Contest : Second Person Perspective

When using second person narrative, the reader is placed as the focal point of the action, and the writer is able to determine the emotional influence of the story by procuring an atmosphere of suspension and disbelief. The story itself recognizes the reader as a central aspect, and perspective is henceforth altered.

Write a story using second person narrative, where you are in complete control of the reader's entire experience.