Get Involved

"Vertex" by Jennifer Jade Yeung

Fill out the Contact Form on the home page and we'll put you on the mailing list. There are many areas you can get involved in.

Here's a rundown of some of the responsibilities:

If you're a Hunter student (undergraduate or graduate), you are eligible to be an associate editor. Sign up by using the Contact Form on the home page.

There are four areas you can edit: Prose, Poetry, Art, and Drama

Editing and Commenting
The reading/viewing period is between September-November and February-April. Once we have you on the contact sheet a senior editor will send you simple instructions on how to access submissions.

Editors will have a Google Drive folder shared to them. This folder will be updated with anonymous submissions as soon as they're available. If you don't have a Gmail account, you will receive a link to view the folder from any web browser.

Submissions will be arranged by number. You should fill out a simple Comment Sheet for yourself to make notes on the writing/artwork that you're reviewing. You must come into the final editorial meeting with written notes, otherwise, we won't know you've actually read/viewed the work.

Sample comment sheets will be on google drive, in the office, or you can make your own.

Don't have access to a computer? Our office has many computers available.

Editorial Meetings
Editors have until the day of the editorial meeting to finish reading/viewing all submissions in their section. Meetings will be scheduled by each Senior Editor toward the end of the semester. You must bring a comment sheet.
  • Make sure you're ready to provide well-thought-out reasons for your opinions.
  • If you don't finish reviewing all the submissions in your section, or don't attend the final meeting, your vote may not be taken into account and you can't be credited in the publication. Exceptions: if you finish reading/viewing all submissions and make a written comment sheet but you absolutely cannot make the meeting (class, work, emergencies etc), you may contact your Senior Editor with your comment sheet to be counted in absentia.
  • To be fair to submitters, you are only allowed to participate in the discussion if you have previously read and made written comments on all the pieces.
  • Many people who submit work are also editors. We have no problem with this; however, since all work is reviewed anonymously, we ask that no one reveal the identity of any authors at the meeting. 
Each semester we hold a number of events, including an Open House and an Open Mic Night/Release Party. All Hunter students are welcome to join our festivities or participate in our Open Mic Night through music, poetry, drama, comedy routine, or any other stage-worthy performance. We frequently update our website and social media, so check in during the semester to find out the days and times for events. 

Other Areas
  • Publicity assistants help out with events and work to promote the magazine, through things like flyers, tabling, and student outreach. They also help with planning and setting up events, such as our world-famous Open Mic. 
  • Production / Design assistants/designers help create flyers and other promotional materials. Those with layout design knowledge can create the actual journal. If you're interested in graphic design, email
  • Copy Editors and Proofreaders ensure a clean copy of the final issue, and are needed in the last few weeks of the semester and often over the summer and winter intersession.

Writing Sessions and Art Walks

We also hold many open sessions for students interested in the arts to get together and do artsy (but not fartsy) stuff. Please see the Workshops page for more info.