Meet the Staff

Rachel DeCesario: Editor-in-Chief / PresidentRachel is a double major in Anthropology and English Literature. She likes art, books, dogs, vegetarian food, knitting, and getting a full 9 hours of sleep. She spends most of her time in OTR's office fretting about unnecessary things, but its all just part of her charm.

Stefania D'Andrea: Treasurer/Prose Editor Stefania loves Captain America and Harry Potter as much as she loves reading Prose Pieces.

Tanisha Williams: Secretary Tanisha is awesome. So awesome that she doesn't even need a picture.

Ahmed Hassan: Social Media Manager/Drama EditorIf Neil Gaiman and J.K Rowling had a love child, Ahmed would want to marry him.

Oscar Vargas: Poetry Editor
Oscar is a writer who loves poetry and electronic music in equal measure. He has very little idea as to how he got into this position, but he intends to make the most of it. He'll also give a hearty high-five to anyone who recognizes the outfit he's wearing.

Kaitlyn Wong: Publicity ManagerBorn a mega-introvert who spent her childhood playing games. Suddenly woke up one day as an extrovert double majoring in English Linguistics and Rhetoric, and Chinese o.o Psychological horror is my cup of tea ;)

Jacob Cintron: Honorary MemberJacob graduated in Spring 2016, but remains an integral part of OTR history forever.

Richard Portilla: Honorary Member Richard also graduated in Spring 2016, but somehow still finds a way back to OTR on occasion.