Mar 25, 2014

Open Mic

What haunts you in your dreams?

The Olivetree Review presents:

Share your spoken word, poetry and music.

The event will be held on April 10th, TH 105, 7 - 11 pm.

Mar 17, 2014

Open House

Open House! Thursday / March 20th, 2014
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This Thursday, March 20th:

The Olivetree Review is having an Open House! Come meet

the staff and senior editors, learn about our magazine, workshops and
events, and don't forget to grab some free food.

Mar 10, 2014

Welcome Spring 2014

Welcome to Spring semester 2014! We are the literary and arts magazine of Hunter College. The magazine is published once per semester, featuring the work of students in the categories of art, drama, poetry and prose. Free workshops are held weekly at our office in Thomas Hunter 212. You are welcome to drop by our office any time for question and suggestions.

Submit your original work! Deadline is April 28, 2014.

Dec 13, 2013

In Dedication to Isaiah O'Kane

Isaiah O'Kane was an incredibly gifted poet. He wrote passionately and unyieldingly, writing a collection that he was in the process of having published. He took a summer class at Pratt Institute and spoke to me, and our friends, about his experience, exhibiting excitement about his writing. He planned on submitting work to the Olivetree Review, and becoming a Poetry Editor next semester, which I know only would have strengthened the magazine. It is truly a shame that only a select few were able to see Isaiah's poetry, but this is one small way for more people to appreciate his immense talent. On behalf of all those who knew Isaiah for the few short months he was with us, I can safely say, as well as being the light in the room, he was the writer who put the spark on the pages.

-Stefania D'Andrea

At the end of the day
We are just twisted beings
Pretending we have a sense of order,
Even as our little worlds
Fall to pieces.
Two become one
And one become two again,
As our fragile identities
Intertwine and break apart
To the rhythm of our hearts.
Conventions of love
Collide with the enormity
Of our emotions and complications
That cannot fit the convenience
Of our limited understandings.
Until we understand that,
We are doomed to complete this cycle,
Over and over again.

Sep 24, 2013

Support International Literature Through Archipelago Books

Archipelago Books publishes exceptional and groundbreaking international literature. In ten short years they have published more than 90 titles. Their books frequently shed light on underrepresented or forgotten locales—the farms of the Dutch platteland, the war-torn Balkan region, the cold yet vibrant reaches of Iceland and Chukotka, the Bosphorus, and the Parisian banlieues. They often defy genre, allowing prose, poetry, art, philosophy, and travel writing to coexist and converse.

In 2012, Archipelago published My Struggle: Book 1 by Karl Ove Knausgaard, translated from Norwegian by Don Bartlett.

“Why would you read a six-volume, 3,600-page Norwegian novel about a man writing a six-volume, 3,600-page Norwegian novel? The short answer is that it is breathtakingly good, and so you cannot stop yourself, and would not want to ... Arrestingly beautiful.” —The New York Times Book Review

They need your help now to produce a trade cloth edition of Book One to complete the My Struggle set in hardcover. The amount they hope to raise, $20,000, will cover two-thirds of the cost of printing such an edition.

Please visit the KickStarter page to find out more and donate to this project.

Sep 11, 2013

Welcome Fall 2013

Hey everyone! Welcome to a fresh fall start at Hunter College. We have some exciting new people on board at Olivetree Review that we think will have a great effect on the publication. We will also start sending out weekly newsletters after you sign our Student Contact Form. With the newsletter, you'll get the latest information on special events, weekly workshops, and all the new ways to participate in Olivetree. We will also be doing special contests in Art, Prose (Fiction/Non-Fiction), Poetry, and Drama--information TBA. In addition, there is a whole new layout for the office (TH212) with a designated work space and lounge area. Hope to see you there soon!

And don't forget to submit. Deadline is December 1, 2013!