Sep 23, 2015

Hey Olives!

Our submissions are open, and most of our contests are ready. Get writing soon, and here are our current Contest Prompts!

Prose: Develop a story exploring the idea of how a part of your character's identity influences their social interactions.

Poetry: Write a poem exploring the dark. Whether this means the night, skin color, thoughts, light bulbs is up to your interpretation.

Drama: Write a scene where an unlikely friendship is formed by an outlandish force.

Option 1: Create an image that includes, either explicitly or implicitly, any of the following:
-Matroshka (Russian nesting) dolls
-Curly hair

Option 2: Show us a mashup, a melange, mix bag or more! Take two or more ideas, objects, concepts, feelings or identities and explore and depict what happens when they are combined!

Apr 23, 2015

Olivetree Submissions Deadline

Hey Olives! A quick update on submission deadlines, submissions for ALL SECTIONS close this upcoming Sunday, April 26th!

Due to deadlines we have to meet in the next two weeks in order to go to print, we had to shorten the previously extended Art submission deadline of May 3rd. I sincerely apologize to anyone who this might inconvenience in any way. 

If you need to contact us here at The Olivetree about this change for any reason, please send an email to the as soon as possible. This change to April 26th as our deadline for all sections will be our final date change, and unless you have previously been in contact with us we will not be able to accept any type of submission past this deadline.

I hope you've all submitted your hearts out and this update finds you well,
Jacob Cintron

Mar 18, 2015

Hey Olives!

Its a bit late, seeing as how our submissions are closing in about a month, but here are our current Contest Prompts!

ProseDevelop a story in which a character has an out-of-body experience. For this prompt, the experience can be interpreted in a number of ways: physically, spiritually, mentally, emotionally, or possibly even a combination of these. In other words, convey some kind of detachment or disassociation from "reality". 

PoetryWrite a poem about extinction. Whether you want to explore this as a concept, a fact of reality, or even as an experience is entirely left up to you as a poet. Write about extinction, whatever this may mean to you.

DramaWrite a scene in which a character makes an extreme assumption based on very little information he or she as received.

Art: TBA

Mar 12, 2015

Hey Olives! We received an email today asking for anyone interested to attend the CUNY Office of Graduate Studies for their Spring 2015 Graduate Studies Fair on Monday March 30, 2015, just wanted to share it with you all.

The City University of New York

Join us at the next CUNY Graduate Studies Fair on Monday,
March 30, 2015
to explore over 800 Master's and Doctoral 
degree programs in more than 160 disciplines taught by leaders 
in their field. Speak with graduate admissions professionals and 
faculty from all 13 CUNY colleges and professional schools offering 
Master's and Doctoral programs. Additionally, we have a full day of 
program-specific workshops that will help you prepare for 
graduate school.

Spring 2015 Graduate Studies Fair
March 30, 2015, 2:30-7:30 PM
The Graduate Center, CUNY
365 Fifth Ave (at 34th Street)
New York, New York 10016
We hope to see you at the Fair!

Lindsay Pursoo
Graduate Recruitment and Marketing Specialist
Graduate Studies at CUNY

Mar 10, 2015


OLIVETREE REVIEW OPEN HOUSE ON WEDNESDAY MARCH 11th AT 3:30-6:30! COME THROUGH TO TH212 OLIVES AND MINIONS OF OTR (if you're in class gently whisper to your friends, or yourself, a promise that you'll visit us to chat, to have free food, and to make memories)

Mar 4, 2015

3D Doodler

"It's like a mini hand held 3D printer. Seems like you could make some cool things with this! "
Check out this cool video, Olives!