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Good News! Extended Deadline & Editorial Meeting Dates!

We have extended our deadline to Friday, December 9th. No surprise to those of your who are familiar with the OTR.

Which means if you drop it in our mailbox anytime between that Friday night and the following Monday morning, we won't know.

So proofread, edit, retouch, resize, or whatever else you need to do and get your submissions to us! Don't forget the mandatory contracts.
Submitters will be notified of their submission's status by the end of the semester.

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Life is a Cabaret, or: A Word or Two About the Open Mic

The Inspiration. As announced recently, our theme for the open mic this semester is Cabaret Night.  For those unaware of what it a cabaret entails, it is a combination of song, dance, comedy and theatre.  I don't exactly remember how the conversation between events manager Malvina and I started, but it somehow led to us talking about the height of the jazz era in the 20s and 30s, Europe and nightclubs like the Moulin Rouge.  Thus, another Olivetree open mic was born.

Often, what pops into people's minds at the mention of cabaret is the 1972 Oscar-winning film of the same name, starring Liza Minelli as Sally Bowles.  The film, directed and choreographed by legend Bob Fosse, takes place in pre-WWII Berlin, and was a great starting point for the open mic.  Many will remember us exploring this time period before at our Prohibition-Era/"Gatsby"open mic back in 2009 (where I even dressed up as that international "zensation" Sally Bowles), but this semester sees u…

Ceramic Art Opening!

If you haven't checked out the Ceramics Studio of Hunter College, then you are simply missing out.
In the basement of the Thomas Hunter building, you'll find the Ceramics gallery. Art by Sana Musasama's advanced students will be featured:
Sunday Nov. 20 - Saturday Dec. 3
Monday Nov. 21st, 6 pm-9 pm: join us for the opening reception for:
Laura Arminda Connie Salvayon Hasina Reid

Olivetree Art Workshops: 1-3pm on 11/9, 11/23, 12/7

Hosted by Connie Salvayon, creative craft art workshops are held every other Wednesday at the Olivetree Review Office at Hunter College.

For more information CLICK HERE

Cabaret Open Mic! 11/30 7-11pm

© Megan on How to Cook a Mockingbird
WHERE?Thomas Hunter Hall (930 Lexington Ave) Room TH105
This event is free & open to everyone. (Bring a valid id)

WHO? All types of performers! Singers, musicians, dancers, writers, spoken word poets, actors, storytellers, comedians, the list goes on! Don't like stages? We need an audience too!